- albert einstein -

People fascinate me.

I guess that would make sense. I went to school for Anthropology.

Anthropology studies what makes us human. When I photograph weddings, I see how parents react when they first glimpse their daughter as a bride. How grooms show their excitement as their partners walk down the aisle. I love listening to speeches and hearing stories about the couples growing up. And when dance floors eventually open, I get a kick watching everyone young and old show off their moves and have fun. All the tears and laughter, and even the anger and frustrations I see when things don’t go as planned, all those things that make us human. I find it all fascinating.

As predictable as weddings are, people’s stories, their relationships, and the mixture of emotions they feel are all unique. And that's what makes weddings so much more exciting!

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Things that make me happy:

Cuddles with Mr. Rue

Bella Boo singing (i.e. vocalizing)

When my husband does the dishes


Pumpkin Pecan Waffle candles

Korean BBQ Pork Bacon

New novels by V. E. Schwab

Game of Thrones