Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I’ve been a wedding photographer since 2009. At that time, my wedding brand is under Pink Bliss. I have since re-branded the wedding side of my business to Lyn Ismael.

2.) What do you mean by Full Day Coverage?

A Full Day Coverage allows me to fully cover your wedding starting at the getting ready stage and ending later in the night during your wedding reception. As a result, the images you receive from a Full Day Coverage tell a complete story of your wedding day. The start time of your coverage depends on when your wedding ceremony is scheduled, and where you are getting ready in relation to your wedding ceremony location. In most cases, bridal coverage starts 3 hours before the ceremony.

3.) Do you offer engagement sessions too?

Absolutely! I believe that having an engagement session is a great way to celebrate this milestone in your lives. It’s also a fantastic way for me to get to know you as a couple and for you to get used to having your photos taken professionally. It’s going to be a little intimidating at first to have a giant lens pointed at you. That’s why it’s good to have some practice done before your wedding day.

4.) What is your turnaround time?

For engagement sessions, my turnaround time is usually 3 weeks. For weddings, it’s 8 weeks.

5.) You consider yourself a wedding photojournalist. Are you able to pose us too for our portraits?

My main focus on your wedding day is to photograph how your day felt. That’s why  I’ll be working as a photojournalist for the most part. Meaning, I’ll capture the day as it goes. When it does come to portraits, I do give lots of directions to pose you in a flattering way, and also for you to have natural expressions on your images.

6.) How do we go about choosing photos for our wedding album?

After I’ve delivered your wedding photos, I will then go ahead and design the spreads for your album. Once the spreads are done (usually within 4 weeks), I’ll review the spreads with you and you can then let me know what changes you would like done. I just find this way easier than have you choose all the photos from the start because sometimes, life gets in the way and you may not be able to get back to me with your choices until much later.

7.) How much time should we schedule for the wedding portraits?

For family formals, it usually takes 3-5 minutes to photograph each group. So for 10 groups, you are looking at a minimum of 30 minutes if you are organized, or 50 minutes at the most. As for the portraits of you as a couple and the ones with your wedding party, I suggest 1.5-2 hours. The good thing about having a Full Day Coverage is you don’t have to worry about paying for enough time. What you only need to do is schedule your wedding timeline realistically.

8.) What happens if you get sick and unable to shoot our wedding?

If something unfortunate does happen, I am lucky enough to belong to a network of talented photographers that I can call to cover your wedding. I will do my best not to leave you hanging on your wedding day.

9.) Do we get the digital negatives from our wedding?

You have an option to include your digital negatives from the a la carte menu as part of your personalized wedding collection. All digital images will be provided to you in a USB stick, edited, and in hi-res.

10.) Can we print the images ourselves if we get the digital negatives?

Yes, you may. I would highly recommend however to order your prints from me if you want your images printed in a high-quality archival paper with accurate colour rendition. Prints from a professional lab lasts a lot longer compared to prints from a consumer lab.

11.) How do we reserve our date?

Once you’ve decided that my style of photography is what you’re looking for and that I feel that we’re a great fit for each other, the next thing to do would be to secure your date. To secure your date, I would need a signed copy of the contract plus a 30% retainer fee.

12.) What is the payment schedule?  

The first 30%, which is the retainer fee, is due when you book your wedding date. The next 40% is due a month before the wedding. The last 30% is due on your wedding day.


If you’d like me to shoot your wedding or would like more information, please contact me here, or call me at (647)526-8161.