Woodland Themed Wedding At Holland Marsh Wineries

I have a mild obsession with trees. Odd, considering I’m an urban girl at heart. But pretty trees do inspire me a lot. When I’m asked to recommend spots to couples who are looking for natural scenes, I choose locations based on what type of trees grow there at that particular time of the year. For example, in the spring, I prefer magnolia trees. In the summer, willow trees. Nothing can outshine sugar maple trees for me in the fall. But my favourite tree anytime of the year? Birch trees. I love the stark and graphic look of a forest of birch trees. And finding a bunch of birch trees together is a rarity. At least in the GTA.

One of the many reasons why I love Holland Marsh Wineries to photograph weddings at is because of their birch trees. They’re known for their vineyard but it’s quite a bonus to have beautiful trees anytime of the year as a backdrop for wedding photos. Jennifer and Chris had a beautiful wedding there in April of 2016. They chose a theme that was quite befitting to the venue — Woodland Fantasy. Now, that’s not exactly the word they used to describe their wedding style. But that’s what came to mind when I saw how Elena Kysh of Your Effortless Event pulled the entire look together. The wood-inspired cake by Cakeity Cakes was intricately cute. And those bouquets of baby’s breath at the head table by Ashton Creative. Those flowers made me think of how fairies in the woods would want their gardens to look. And Jennifer and Chris? They were as radiant as a happy couple should be on their wedding day, surrounded by their closest families and friends who loved them dearly.

Here are a few photos from Jennifer and Chris’ Woodland themed wedding at Holland Marsh Wineries.

Woodland Themed wedding at the Holland Marsh Wineries

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