Cutten Fields Wedding in Guelph | Vanessa and Ben

Vanessa and Ben’s wedding at the beautiful Cutten Fields in Guelph was one the most memorable weddings I photographed last year. First, it was because Vanessa and her family are very close, especially with her brother. She had asked him to be her Man of Honour to stand beside her on her day. Usually with the first reveal, only the father of the bride would be involved. Vanessa wanted to include all her family members, not just her father, which I thought was such a sweet thing to do! When they finally saw her for the first time as a bride, Vanessa, her parents, and her brother were all overwhelmed with emotions, I had to stop myself from tearing up as well.

Second, Ben’s expression upon seeing Vanessa walked down the aisle was priceless. He was all smiles, like someone who had just won the lottery. That was so sweet.

Third, Vanessa and Ben’s wedding party was the funniest and most enjoyable group of people I had ever worked with. They made sure that the bride and groom were well taken care of and they laughed at my jokes. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

And Fourth, Cutten Fields served the best lamb entree I’ve ever had at a wedding. So, sooooo delicious!

Here area few images taken from their Cutten Fields wedding!

The groom and his groomsmen fix their suspenders.Groom and his best man get ready for the wedding.Goofy groomsmen having fun.A funny moment when the best man tells a story about the groom.Groomsmen drinking beer.The bride's wedding dress hanging at the door.The bride getting her makeup done before her wedding ceremony at Cutten Fields in Guelph.Guelph wedding photographer photographs a bride getting ready.The bride's family waits with their eyes closed to see the bride.An emotional reaction from the bride's family upon seeing the bride for the first time.Mother of the bride's emotional moment.A proud father smiles after seeing his daughter dressed up as a bride.People waiting at an indoor wedding ceremony at the Cutten Fields in Guelph.The groom watches as his bride walks down the aisle.the bride walks down the aisle at a wedding in Cutten Fields in Guelph, Ontario.Wedding photojournalist captures the father of the bride hugging the groom as he gives his daughter's hand in marriage.A very happy groom meets his bride at the altar.The groom's niece says hello to the bride.The bride looks happy during her wedding ceremony at Cutten Fields in Guelph.Groom looks at his bride during their wedding ceremony.The groom's family looks on as their son gets married to his bride.The first kiss at an indoor wedding ceremony at the Cutten Fields in Guelph.The bride and groom are married.Man of honour with pink socks hanging out with the bride and her bridesmaids.Flash composite portrait of the wedding party in Guelph, Ontario.The wedding party having a great time.Brenizer method portrait of the bride and groom in Guelph.Bride and groom portrait in Guelph, Ontario.Prisming method used for bride and groom's portraiture.Cutten Fields beautifully decorated for a weddingLanterns and Christmas lights as wedding decor to set the mood at a Cutten Fields wedding.The cake and table decor.The bride and groom enters the reception.The bride and groom are welcomed by their guests at their Cutten Fields wedding reception.the groom's parents give a speech.Candid photo of the groom listening to his parents' speech.The father of the bride delivers a speech.An emotional moment captured of the bride listening to her parent's speech.Wine glass and bokeh.Double reflection.An emotional moment of the bride trying to deliver a speech.Mother of the bride reacting to her daughter's speech.Groom listening to his bride's emotional speech at their Cutten Fields wedding.Bride and groom cuts their cake.The cake is sliced.The bride and groom eats their cake.The bride and groom's first dance as husband and wife.The bride's mother watches her daughter and husband dance.A father of the bride dances with his daughter.The groom dances with his mom.Slow dances at a Cutten Fields wedding reception.Wedding partyBride and groom dances to the tunes.Cutten-Fields-Wedding-Photographer-Vanessa-Ben_0056Cutten-Fields-Wedding-Photographer-Vanessa-Ben_0057Cutten-Fields-Wedding-Photographer-Vanessa-Ben_0058Portrait under the tree at night.

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